Q. Can I purchase more than one membership?

A. NO! Memberships are limited to one per member / household / ISP. VipLeadsClub.com have proprietary algorithms in place that can identify violations of this terms of service. Violation of this rule will result in your membership being shut down with no refunds.
Q.How many leads am I provided with?
A. At the present time as a Pro member, you are able to download 1,000 leads daily.
Q.  What Time Of Day Will My Leads Be Available?
A.  The Leads are updated automatically at midnight EST.  You May Download Your Leads For the Next day Anytime After 12:00 Midnight EST.  
Q. How Long Are the Leads Available for me to Download from the Back Office?
A.  You May Access the Current Day's Leads as well as your Leads from the Last Two (2) Days.
Q.  If I forget to Log in and Download My Leads, Can I get them for the last week?
A.  You May Access the Current Day and Last 2 Days of Leads but we cannot retrieve them for you if you forget to log in for a week!  It is your responsibility to log in each day and download your Leads.
Q.  How Do I Download the Leads?
A.  Instructions for Dowloading your Leads and Opening the Lead Files can be Found Here.
Q. What details are provided with each lead?
A. You are provided the following for each lead:
Q.  Are These Leads free from Spam Complaints and do I have to include any type of Disclaimer in the emails that I send to my Leads?
A.  Our Leads are some of the best in the Industry but we cannot make any guarantees with regards to spam complaints.  To ensure that you are compliant with the current Laws and utilizing responsible mailing practices, make sure that you have read our Disclaimer and Instructions for Mailing to Your Leads AND our Terms & Conditions.
Q. Where can I purchase more leads?
A. Are you kidding me, 1,000 leads per day ain't enough?
Q.  How Do I Change my Password?
A.  You May Change your Password, Update your Profile on the main Membership Info/Account Page. (the first page you see after logging in).